* Great Repeat Year Around Business. Wellness and Relaxation is not only Popular but very profitable. Replaces old fashioned infrared body wrap system. No liability of touching the customer

* Dry Heat, Great Weight Management, Trimming, Calorie Burning and Draws the Toxins from the body

* LED Ambient Lights, Purple/Violet for Mood Relaxation

* Full Body Vibration Dual Wave Massage, Padded Lounge gives that great relaxing and stress relieving experience. Personal & Private

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Super Deluxe Dry Heat Wellness Capsule, Commercial Unit Replaces Old Fashioned Infra Red Body Wrap Systems. No Longer touching the customer or using messy chemicals.

Heated Vibrating Massage Bed, LED Ambient Light (Purple) Dual Cluster inside Hood, Facial Air & Oxygen Ready Ports for Optional OxyOasis System, (4) Aroma Diffusion System, Shell Windows, Germ Lamp, Hand ports, Music iPOD Jack & Stereo Headphone Jack, 220v/20A Power Supply. T-Max Compatible. Picture Shown with Option Pedestal and Facial Shield Not Included.
Wellness Pod
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